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    'Who needs a chair if you can sit under a tree?'
In the designs are function, comfort and usefulness confronted with
eachother so the field of thought will be enlarged. This all for a bigger
interaction for men as a consumer and his surroundings as a product.
Codes and rules will fade and men will discover its own interpretation
towards daily life.

    BONE made by Anthony Kleinepier
    A selection of soft living-improvement products, made of stiched
    floorcovering. Now tried and tested on different species in various
    laboratories around the globe.
    He's looking forward to share his world, you are invited!

"while the world turns"

    settings by Anthony Kleinepier / TTTVo
    Every now and then we were given the opportunity to create a special
    presentation with our works into a world of their own. These settings, as
    we like to call them, offered a solid ground for visitors to interact with our
    works. And by introducing various events inside these settings we seek
    to make their encounter even more layered.
    With this total concept we have taken on the creative freedom to explore
    the potential capabilities of our daily practice. Our focus is neither posing
    a product particularly nor furnishing comfort or good taste. But to propose
    a different way of perceiving our daily environment and to show how
    things relate to each others presence, creating a new lively unexpected
    By time these settings have become one continuing story and so we felt it
    was time to grab those moments into a solid book that can inspire our
    viewers with fresh energy to stir their own imagination.
    'while the world turns' shows a stream of images of the settings which
    Anthony Kleinepier & TTTVO have collaborated over the last 5 years.
    words on the settings by :
Sophie Lovell, Kiyoyuki Sawai, Stina Högkvist, Angelique Spaninks
graphic collaboration: BMD
limited print 300 ex., japanese binding, 72 folded pages recto verso quadri
    get one!



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    please visit blog for updates

    please visit blog for updates


    Dutch Design Week 2013
    Os Mutantes stools at
    "Hands on" expo
    october 19 through 27, 2013 
    opening: 19/10 - 19:00h
    NRE area - Nachtegaallaan 13  Eindhoven


    silver Dickie + 
    serie of Post-History shields "once were warriors" on show

    'Talking Textiles' at the TextielMuseum Tilburg"

    curated by Lidewij Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano
    opening friday 27/09/2013 - 16:00 - 18:30h
    from September 28, 2013 untill January 26, 2014


    "Broeikas Antwerpen" 
    tentoonstelling Biodoom: 14/09 t/m 30/09 2013
    opening: 14/09, vanaf 18u
    Willem Gijsselstraat, Antwerpen Linkeroever
    "Macht & Pracht"
    Pop Up's Cinema time-connectors
    openmonumentendag Breda 14 september 
    tijd: 12.00 en 17.00 uur 
    locatie:  various locations Breda
    Huis voor Beeldcultuur | House of Visual Culture


    "TEXAS" + "big animism" seaters on show 
    "Stoelendans, 101 oorspronkelijke Stoelconcepten"
    Expo opening 22aug 17h.   from 22 aug - 06 okt - 2013
    CBK Amsterdam


    "About Freedom Film & Festival"
    Pop Up's Cinema time-connectors
    datum: 5 mei  tijd: 10.00u - middernacht

    locatie: foyer Chassé Theater

    adres: Claudius Prinsenlaan 8, Breda
    House of Visual Culture

    Wonder van Eindhoven designroute Amsterdam
    vrijdag 15 & zaterdag 16 februari. 2013


    "Ontmaskerd | Unmasked"
    POP UP’S Time-connector Visual Culture & Heritage
    collaboration with studio TTTVO
    Cultuurnacht 25 januari 2013 - location: Chassépark Breda
    commissioned by The City of Breda | House of Visual Culture | Brabant 2018 Cultural Capital



    "Nieuw Brabants Front - 13e Maand"
    de Fabriek, Eindhoven

    vrijdag de 28e december, 20:00 - ....


    "KAMA. Sesso e Design"
    a cura di Silvana Annicchiarico
    Catalogo Corraini Edizioni
    Triennale Design Museum, Milano
    5 dicembre 2012_10 marzo 2013

    "Pop-Up Generation, Design Between Dimension"
    MUDAC, Lausanne  November 21, 2012 – March 3, 2013
    publication: The Popup Generation, design between dimensions
    by Lidewij Edelkoort, design James Victore
    Hardcover | 288 pages | English  | BIS Publishers


    "Observers are Worried" setting

    Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven

from june 20 to july 30 - 2012
    June 24: opening & party

    Welcome To UkandanZ

    Ukandanz Ethiopian Music live, docu's, braai


    Stingray, Stingray _thats maybe a bridge to far

    de Slag om Arnhem' a high-speed evening wth NBF

    27th of april 2012 at showroom GBK (Society of Visual Artists) Arnhem


    Post-History shields "once were warriors" nominated



    serie of Post-History shields "once were warriors" on show
    new edition of "Talking Textiles" at the Designhall, Stockholm.
    curated by Lidewij Edelkoort  -  press release
    from February 3 – April 15. 2012


    MushRoom for
    "Pop-Up Generation, Design Between Dimension"
    Graphic Design Museum Breda/ MOTI curated by Lidewij Edelkoort
    11/12.2011-16/04.2012   [images]
    publication: The Popup Generation, design between dimensions
    by Lidewij Edelkoort, design James Victore
    Hardcover | 288 pages | English  | BIS Publishers


    DDW 2011
    Post-History groupexhibition 
    together with craftsmen HOME
    Strijp-S, Klokgebouw 4th floor
    special Post-History event at HOME 28/10 from 19:00 untill 11:00h

    Take It or Leave It – Design Economics
    van Abbe museum
    22/10 - 30/10. 2011


    NEW website

    made by xpresszo

    Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan

    "Talking Textiles"
    Venturs Lambrate "Spazio Gianfranco Ferré',
    april 12 - 17.2011


    Post Fossil_excavating 21st century creation
    Design Museum Holon, Israel
    from January 27 to April 30.2011



    "for the Love of God"

Anthony Kleinepier & Snodevormgevers
    5 MinutenMuseum
    18-12-2010 till 31-01-2011



    "Red Queen Chamber "
    location specific setting in an empty apartment together with TTTVo
    for HABITAT: festival of spatial imagination
    Luchtbal Antwerpen, Belgium
    From June 6 to 4 July.2010
    curated by Bruno Herzeele / Middelheim museum project
    with Complizen Planungsbüro (D), Anthony Kleinepier & TTTVo (NL), Mattonoffice (D/NL), Office for Subversive Architecture (UK/D), Hanneke Paauwe (B/NL), Bart Prinsen (B), Unfold (B), Rob Voerman (NL)


    entry correction for

    Déjà vu: 30 Years De Fabriek (1980-2010)
    De Fabriek - Eindhoven
    29/05 - 26/6.2010


    Post Fossil - design exhibition
    curated by Li Edelkoort
    21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo Japan

    Post Fossil Excavating 21st century creation catalogue  196 pages
    24/04 - 27/06.2010


    DesignJungelen touring program +events  

    extended for another 2 years the setting will tour Norway

    01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012 check site

    National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway 


    staircase seater object 2009
    ZIN, Vught


    DDW  Eindhoven  2009
    "Laughing Prohibited! - Verboden te Lachen! "
    exhibition curated by Onomatopee office & projectspace, Van Abbemuseum
    with Atelier van Lieshout, Bas van Beek, Daniel Eatock, Heim Steimbach,
    Marti Guixe, Helmut Smits, Ted Noten, Lara de Greef, e.o.

    "Design for Happy Living"
    by + Brainport /Designconnection
    with Joost van Bleiswijk, Nacho Carbonell, Kiki van Eijk, OnsJan, Raw Color, TTTVo, e.o.

    expo and events
    Artspace Flipside

    17/10 - 25/10.2009


    "in Wonderland" shrine setting at
    Centrum Beeldende Kunst De Krabbedans - Eindhoven
    06/09- 04/10.2009


    Edelkoort's 'wish list'
    Pierre Bergé & associés, Brussels
    september 13th, 2009


    Stuffed in exhibition
    "NL= New Luxery"
    NAI -  Maastricht
    22 May – 23 August 2009
    curator: Alexander van Slobbe


    works at Salone del Mobile 2009, Milan

    "Jewels and Joules"
    Via Voghere 11, Zona Tortona

    Design Academy Eindhoven presents
 "Stuffed 2"

    Via Angelo Fumagalli 6, Tortona, Milan

    april 22 - 27 .2009


    publication  "while the world turns"
    settings by Anthony Kleinepier / TTTVo
    limited print 300 ex.,  japanese binding, 72 folded pages recto verso quadri
    get one!


    DDW expos


    group exhibition inspired by the stuffed animal collection of the MEC
    Strijp-S, Eindhoven


    Onomatopee presents

    "The Truth of Basics, Resetting the History of Living between Four Walls"
    DeAdmirant, Eindhoven

    22/10 - 26/10.2008


    Salone del Mobile 2008

‘Family Viewing’

    exploring domestic issues in a setting of interior products 

    by Dutch designers Anthony Kleinepier / TTTVO

    event by Emmeline de Mooij, performance & installation

    OTTO, zona Tortona, via Novi 4, Milan, Italy

    On show:16 april - 21 april, 2008


    DesignJungelen touring program +events

    StagedAuthenticity#3 setting is on the move!

    check site National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design Oslo, Norway


    "Aquarium" interior
    in collaboration with TTTVO
    transformation of the social area at the Intermediæ Madrid is finished.

    Concept of the setting as the interior as a public livingroom for the city.
    feel free like a fish in the water

    Matadero Madrid. Pº de la Chopera, Madrid, Spain

    "Design contre Design" deux siècles de créations l'exposition,
    Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris
    curated by Jean-Louis Gaillemin
    Catalogue design contre Design
    26 septembre 2007 - 7 janvier 2008


    Setting for Adidas Originals Fall/Winter 2007
    worldwide campaign, Clean Casual

    photos by Viviane Sassen and Martine Stig


    Sign of the Times’

    an exhibition by Anthony Kleinepier and TTTVo
    featuring Time for Sharing events by 24h living®

    Sound performance by marsh+mallow and Robin+Sawako, liquid-image by Ken Iwai
 and others.
    from 1 November till 23 November 2006

    Design week Tokyo /Design Tide

    Art-U room Galeria 3F, 5-51-3, Jingumae,

    Shibuyaku, Tokyo


    Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

    Group-exhibition: Proto 2
    Albert Kliest (NL) / Anthony Kleinepier(NL) / Bjorn Telkamp(NL) / Dave Mink(NL) / Giovanni Anselmo(NL) / Guido Ooms(NL) / Johan Klijn(NL) / John Van Litsenburg(NL) / Josef Blersch(NL) / Lidwien Kraakman / Mander Liefting(NL) / Rocco Verdult(NL) / Snodevormgevers (NL) / Theo Konijnenberg(NL) / Thijs Bakker(NL) / Willem Derks(NL) / Yarre Stooker(NL)
    October 20th - 29th, 2006 de Fabriek, Eindhoven


    my first outdoors Tree!
    Router "Salix Tristis"
  at Erasmus University campus, Rotterdam

    seater inbetween the two entrances of the new T-building

    commissioned by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Com.Wonen


    Dickies news!
    Selected for International Design Yearbook 2007 by Patricia Urquiola

    Nominated for the cDIM Awards at Habitat Valencia Forward, Spain



***Staged authenticity #3***
nest & malicious dumbo

    'Tingenes tilstand' - 'The State of Things'

    Exhibition from 29 April till 10 September 2006
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo
    participants: 3rd Hand (N), Afke Golsteijn (NL), Anders Jakobsen/ Lagombra (S),
    Anthony Kleinepier og TTTVo (NL), Åbäke (Jap/ GBR/ S), Extrastruggle (Tyrkia),
    Frida Bard (S), Revolutions on Request (FIN), Temp (N), Torpedo (N),
    Tsang Kin Wah (Hong Kong), Uglycute (S), We work in a fragile material (S)


"Pic-nic in the Room"
    A joint exhibition by Anthony Kleinepier/ TTTVo and the Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak.
    from 2 November till 23 November 2005

    during design week Tokyo / Design Tide

    event of Pinaree's cookery project and Japanese traditional tea ceremony.
    Guest: Urasenke mistress Ms. Yanagisawa.

    from 5PM: opening party.
Nov.5 'Time for Sharing' event by 24h living®
    Art-U room Galeria 3F, 5-51-3, Jingumae,

    Shibuyaku, Tokyo


    See Dickies

Moooi at the Cibone shop
    during the Design week Tokyo

    from 2 November till 6 november 

    Presentation of Moooi during the Week of Decor, Moscow

    Central house of Artists from 11 October till 15 October 2005

    Moooi is presented in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    during the Inside design event

    from 22 September till 12 October 2005

    exhibition Via Milano 05- New Dutch Design
    at 'woonbeurs' Amsterdam
    from 27 September till 2 October 2005



    seater for Moooi collection
    for sale worldwide

    colours: Dark Gray, Heather and Brown


    daBitch bench
    recieved a honorable mention at the

    'teenage furniture' design competition

    organised by Designboom / Cow/ Nsr


    an exhibition by Anthony Kleinepier and TTTVo
    MU, Witte Dame, Eindhoven
    april 23 through may 22, 2005 

    "Time for Sharing" events by 24hliving


    Salone del Mobile 2005, Milano

    presentation Dickies for Moooi collection

    Super Studio Piu, via Tortona 27, Zona Tortona, Milan


    presentation of the Dutch designers and artists Eric Klarenbeek, Afke Golsteijn, Anthony Kleinepier, 
TTTVO, Buro Vormkrijgers and Bob Copray in search of an open dialogue between visual arts and design.

    A Project for the Milan Art Fair Salone del Mobile 2005, curated by

    Gallery ViaFarini, Via Farini 35, Milano
    april 13 - 18, 2005


    TTTVO / Anthony Kleinepier
    Two Dutch designers creating a setting with their products at Tokyo Designers Block 2004, Kinokuniya site and Issay Miyake Gallery, Aoyama Area, Tokyo
    7th october - 11th october 2004


    DesignSucks presents Design Rules!

    De Lichttoren (Emmasingel near Design Academy)

    Week van het Ontwerp 2004, Eindhoven, 16/10 - 23/10.2004


    OPEN BORDERS exhibition, Lille-cultural capital of Europe 2004
    exhibition design router - BonesTree & BackBone by Anthony Kleinepier
    for 24hLiving, curation by Droog
    Tri Postal building, avenue Billy Brandt, Lille, France, 04/09 - 28/11.2004


    REcreation Enterprises by
    Alissia mt, Joost van Bleiswijk, Kiki van Eijk, Ilona Huvenaars, Anthony Kleinepier, TTTVo
    Salone del Mobile, Milan - 14/04 -19/04.2004


    Dutch Design Week
    MU WitteDame Eindhoven
    10/10 -21/10.2003


    Dutch Design Week
    PinkZOO ‘staged authenticity #2’
    setting with: BitchBench, silicone nipple capitonated seater, Monkey Rocks
    DeAdmirant Eindhoven


    DeLoods Eindhoven
    15/10 -19/10.2003


    BOOM#1 (wood) - treeseater part of exhibition design Dutch Design Awards 2003
    Pakhuis Afrika, Amsterdam -08/05-07/06.2003


    BOOM ‘sitting under a tree’ 20 Nominations Materiaalfondsprijs2003,
    100%Designfair, LasPalmas Rotterdam-04/06 -06/06.2003


    C.A.V.E. ‘staged authenticity’
    Installation inside white cube. dimensions 620x 400x 200(top)
    a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (better known by the acronym C.A.V.E.)
    is an immersive virtual reality environment by room-size visualization for
    simulation and training environments. The U.S.A.and its allies proclaimed
    that Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda, was hiding in the mountains
    at Tora Bora, Afghanistan after 9.11. The name is also a reference to the
    allegory of the Cave in Plato's Republic a philosopher contemplates perception,
    reality and illusion.
    on show: Krabbedans, Eindhoven. 22.2 - 18.5.2003


    BOOM ‘sitting under a tree’ setting with TTTVO
    Dutch Design Week, DeAdmirant Eindhoven -13/10 -17/10.2002

    'Who needs a chair if you can sit under a tree?'
In the designs are function, comfort and usefulness confronted with each
other so the field of thought will be enlarged. This all for a bigger
interaction for men as a consumer and his surroundings as a product. Codes
and rules will fade and men will discover its own interpretation towards
daily life

    BONE 'soft living improvement'-project